Why China Is Digging 10 KM Hole In Earth

China new mission that surprises many nations and leave a puzzle to India. Should India be worry about this lets explore.

Without keeping you in suspense know why China is doing so because of search of natural gas that may in abundance.

China has done drilling inside earth earlier also so its not first and doing twice in this year.

According to China news Agency Digging is going on at Sichuan city of China. Sichuan is famous of spicy food habits of people and oil storage.

Chinese Scientist is saying that main reason of this digging is to find out natural minerals and to be prepared for natural disasters.

No One believes China Theories because of its misleading and deceiving nature.

Why China is Drilling Earth

You know it better that China economy is collapsing day by day. Once it was worlds largest economy.

Many nations have started to decreasing business with China and moving towards India. Due to this China Export is not growing and to compete with this it started to decrease Import.

China largely imports oil and gas and decided to slow it down. 

China drilling in earth is one of the largest in country and they declared it as experimental so that world could not point finger toward them.

It is expected that China is building its fuel security.

Energy Business

China another move to grow energy business by digging and find out oil and natural gas resources that support business to grow at rapid pace.

Sinking economy of China is searching for resources to get on top but this time situation is not in favor of China.

America helps grow china economy in various way but they deceive them. Americans also do not support Chinese economic growth.

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