Who is Laungi Bhuiyan, The Canal Man of Bihar

Laungi Bhuiyan the Canal Man of Bihar is another example of struggle and firm determination from Gaya. Yes, you get it right, he also belongs to the place of Dashrath Manjhi, the glorious place of Gaya.

Dashrath Manjhi has surprised the world and given a proud reason to Bihar to remember and we all call him ‘The Mountain Man’. Laungi Bhuiyan belongs to the same district, having the same courage and determination.

Movies have been made to glorify the Mountain Man, and Novels have been written to explain the rock-like solid decision that changed society.

Laungi Bhuiyan’s determination, continuous effort, firm decision, and sticking to his decision until completion, also deserve the same limelight and glorification that our Mountain Man received.

What Laungi Bhuiyan, Canal Man of Bihar has Done

Laungi Bhuiyan, the canal man of Bihar, has carved out a canal of 3 Kilometers single-handedly. He carved the canal for 30 years lonely without anyone’s help. You can imagine how firm his determination is that he sticks to it for 30 years without deviation.

His endeavors to bring rainwater from a nearby hill to his village have benefited the whole village to irrigate the land. Villagers tried to stop him to do so but they did not join to help him.

Despite the noncooperation of villagers and sometimes making fun of him, he did not deviate a bit from his decision to bring rainwater from hill to village.

Ultimately his constant and rock-solid effort of 30 years brings results and he achieves the goal and successfully brings rainwater to the canal by digging 3 KM tirelessly. 

Team The Logical Bihar salute to his vision, dedication, hard work, patience, and confidence, which has overcome all possible limitations.

Jab tak todenge Nahi,

Tab tak Chodenge Nahi.


How Laungi Bhuiyan brings rainwater to the village

He is a shepherd and used to farm goats and collect wood from nearby forests to sell in the local market for livelihood. But whenever he got time from his daily livelihood work, he took out the spade, called ‘Kudal’ in local, and started digging and leveling.

He started working 30 years ago and regularly worked 2-3 hours daily because he had to also work for his livelihood to survive.

Villagers start calling him mad, and even his family opposes his decision but you know the slogan, who is sure of the tune doesn’t listen to others, and he keeps working.

Laungi Bhuiyan’s 30 years of lonely hard work paid off, he successfully brought irrigation water to the village by making Canal and we call him ‘Canal Man’.

Due to the effort of The Canal Man, 100 acres of village land can be irrigated. Society once called him mad now eating the fruit of his hard work.

What Anand Mahindra Said About The Canal Man of Bihar

Businessman Anand Mahindra is very impressed with the canal man’s rock-solid decision. He said that this canal is no less glorious than the famous seven wonders of the world like the Pyramid and The Taj. 

Many glorious monuments have been built which have involved sweat & toil over decades. But those were usually the visions of absolute monarchs using the labour of their subjects. To me, this humble canal is no less glorious than the pyramids or the Taj.

Tweet of Anand Mahindra

How his wishes reached Anand Mahindra

A local news journalist has passed Laungi Bhuiyan’s word to social media like Twitter and the world to get to know the herculean effort. 

When asked his wishes he said he wanted nothing but a tractor to plough the field. The report was tweeted by tagging Anand Mahindra.

 His wish also got through social media to Anand Mahindra and he decided to present a tractor to ‘Canal Man’.

Anand Mahindra and Mahindra group replied they feel honored to help this man by providing a tractor.

Laungi Bhuiyan ‘The Canal Man’ and his herculean effort is a true inspiration for us all.

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