Saras Mela In Bihar Begins

Saras Mela begins with some special attraction with indegenous flavour. Artisan, Craftsman or Handicraftsman, Designer, worker, seller and even buyer everything is indegenous. Made in Bihar by Bihari with Bihari flavour but for everyone.

In Saras Mela you can find different shades of culture specially bihari culture like how we dress, what we dress, what craft we used to consume. Some craft that generally not in part of our life now but some time ago they were in use, all those you can find and buy from this fair.

From Bhagalpuri silk dress materials to Banarasi sarees and handicrafts items made of jute, bamboo sticks, metal, tones, terracotta and brass, the fair has offered several choices to city dwellers. The artisans have also exhibit a large collection of antiques, arts and dresses.

Decorated with colorful and beautiful flower and classic artifacts of Madhubani paintings paired with beautiful shapes of peacock, this scene is eye catching and might take you to the  journey ancient Bihar and left you nostalgic. Let’s feel this beautiful journey, Let’s visit Sars Mela.

Whole Floor is covered with green carpet and gathering of people enjoying and researching artifacts and playful children tell the success story of Saras Mela which was first initiated by ‘Jeevika’.

Who is Jeevika for Saras Mela

Jeevika, a Bihar Govt initiative and backed by World Bank to supported rural livelihoods program, is working towards building a better Bihar by empowering poor rural women and raising their incomes through self-help groups. Bringing the women together, the program encourages women to save, borrow, and repay small loans to set up new businesses that benefit them. It has created a virtuous cycle which has increased the status of women, reducing poverty and corruption while increasing prosperity.


Bamboo products by self help group(SHG) are major attraction at the fair. One of the seller Mamta Devi said

Prepairing the Bomboo products take lots of hard work, a normal stand or hanger can be made in two hour and is sold in Rs 50 but making a Durga Pratima takes three months to be prepared and sold in 15000

Seller, Mamta Devi

Sikki Product is also in attraction, actually Sikki is a type of grass which is colored in different colors than craftsman make various items from this colored sikki like basket, plate, earrings etc..

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