Rizwan Castle, Patna

Rizwan Castle, Patna is a historic place situated near Dakbanglow, Patna. this fort had hosted many important guests in the 1921 historic congress session held in Patna. owner of this fort

Sayeed Hasan Imam was a famous lawyer and freedom fighter in his time

Rizwan Castle looks like a fort but it is not built on height nor has a ladder to climb. there is no dome to guard the fort nor a place for watchmen.

This is a palace that is built in Gothic architecture. portico is built in the center. windows are of Gothic style, the cross is also built above the windows.

There is a water tower in the compound of this palace. Plants have grown in the portico and walls of this castle. The structure of this building is neither completely European nor Indian style.

History Of Rizwan Castle

It was built in the early 20th century on land which belongs to famous freedom fighter Maulana Mazharul Haque, which was brought by Syed Imam Hassan. He was an eminent lawyer. Then there was a building built up to the plinth level. He changed the structure to a British Scottish style

Rizwan Castle Front View

Architecture As Per Wikipedia

It is built in Gothis style but it doesn’t have lake around it or stiff ladder to climb. There is no dome to guard the fort nor a place for watchman. But there is a place for the watchman between portico and two stairs in North and South direction in the main building.In the centre of building there is a portico in Gothis style. There are two sharp arches one in left side and other is in right side in front of portico. Windows in the hall and every living room are covered in Gothis style and cross marks are made on them.This type of Windows are in every part of the building. The backside of building is almost resemble to frontside of building.There is a water tower in front of building. Famous Indo-British architecturer Philip Devis was once visited to Patna for its research.He wrote about it in his book British architecture in India 1660-1947. There is splendid building in the outskirt of patna at Bankipore which is neither in European nor Indian architecture.
Rizwan Castle Architecture

Now at present, a unit of Bihar Police resides in Rizwan Castle. pigs and dogs walk in this corridor. this historic palace is in pathetic condition and waiting for revival.  this castle is a perfect example of the apathy of Government.

you can see clearly in the pictures that the condition of this historical building is more severe and desperately need some attention.

Taken Date: Sept, 2018
Back Side of Rizwan Castel, Picture Taken Date: Sept, 2018

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