Remembering Dr Rajendra Prasad, The First President Of India

On Saturday (21 Jul, 2019) we planned to visit Bihar Vidyapeet, Karmbhoomi of Dr Rajendra Prasad, the first president of india. Dr Rajendra Prasad established Bihar Vidhyapeet in campus famously known today as Sadakat Asharam.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Spend 25 years in sadakat ashram and spread his knowledge to others. The house in which he spent his long year is in ruined(not completely) condition. one thing that is most noticeable is that environment of house is very live and gives the feeling that the president is still residing in place.

Every object related to him is kept intact and proves his black and white lifestyle. The first president of india taught us many great thought lots of them is hanged on wall of most likely ruined house. visitors, the count is however very low, came here and witness the life of our first president and learn something new.

Interaction With Staff Member

I had interaction with staff member and care taker of house and know many new facts.

  • The house of Dr. Rajendra Prasad is actually of Maulana Mazaharun Haque Property.
  • Maulana Mazaharul Haque invited him and give that house to live and teach.
  • Bihar Vidyapeeth was establised for him to continue his teaching journey.

Any work is neither big nor small, the person doing it will make it smaller or bigger. If any work in done in the light of reality and public-collection then it is a big task. If any work is done for selfishness in the interest of greed and attachment, it can not be great. To know the importance and smallness of the work, there is a sense of feeling behind it, which should be know.

Dr Rajendra Prasad, The First President Of India
Dr Rajendra Prasad, first president of india
Dr Rajendra Prasad with his family in Patna

During and after his presidency he received many gift from different States, country, organization and person. Most of them(not all, as some is in Patna Museum) is kept there. Gift items is rare, precious and masterpiece like idol of Buddha made of elephant teeth may be seen exclusively here.

Pots made of coconut shell shows the picture of rural india. Presents by Press Association , New Delhi and Certificate of Bharat Ratna is great to here. here you can find his personal diary in which ‘Janm Kundali’ of his family member is written and it is gifted by Dainiki Dekan Airwage.

Oxygen Cylinder used during his last time will keep you nostalgic.

Gift item that bring my attantion is five flored wooden padestrial. A cow and ox is on upper railing and message printed on third padestrial is ‘Save Us From Slaughter’. printed on other side ‘Request By Mishri Lal Parasmal – 22.08.1954’. this gift force me to think that cow slauther at that time may be a hot topic and some activist was constantly trying to get it solved.

I shoot a short video of place of Dr Rajendra Prasad for you, hope you like, please watch and share your comment.

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