People And Lifestyle Of Bihar

People And Lifestyle Of Bihar, it is a subject of excitement and suspense for many people because there is very less written about lifestyle of Bihar, so we tried to discover.

People in Bihar are more or less cultural and believe in continuing with the rich traditional Indian values. They are strong believers in their Gods in accordance with their religions. Their lifestyle is usually simple and full of fun and entertainment as they crowd to cinema halls to get hands on their favourite movie.

Simple lifestyle, peaceful co-existence, great hospitality and closer community bonding are the hallmarks of the Bihari people. Now Bihar is changing as recruitment to the Indian Administrative Service, the toughest exam is concerned, Bihar is in second position.

Lifestyle of Bihar

For the period 2011-2012 Bihar was India’s fastest growing state. It is said success is how much you bounce when you hit the bottom, defying all negative statements and preconceived notions Bihar is  once again rising from the ashes.

Since the state of Bihar is always thronged with tourists and travelers, several hotels have come into existence. To name a few, Hotel Maurya, Lemon Tree, Bodhgaya Ashok, Royal Residency, Patliputra Ashok, and Hotel Samrat International. These names constitute some of the most popular and preferred hotels of the region.

Folk Songs of Bihar

Folk Songs of Bihar, these songs are associated with the various events in the life of an ordinary person for every ritual. There are special songs sung by the women folk, one will find warmth, vibrance and celebration in every bihari marriage.

Ropani geet,  it is sung during  the sowing season. There are some other folk songs such as Poorvi, Chaita, Videshiya, Birha, Kajari, Jhumar and Nirgun. There is also the tradition of war songs called beer kuvar

Apart from folk songs Bihar has deep roots in the classical form of Indian music. classical music in Bihar is a form of Hindustani classical music. Bihar has produced musicians like Bharat Ratna Ustadh bismillah Khan and dhrupad singers like the Maliks of the Darbhanga Gharana and the Mishras of the Bettiah Gharana.

There is a great tradition of folk songs started by Bhikhari Thakur, the renowned artist from the Bhojpuri region. 

The sweetness of the bihari music finds its place in classic Bhojpuri films as well, noted singers like Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor, AlkaYagnik, Udit Narayan have sung Bhojpuri songs.

Lifestyle of bihar
Lifestyle of Bihar

Bhojpuri films were known for their well thought-out stories, great acting and beautiful songs . Nadia Ke Par made by Rajeshree productions was a superhit film of its time.  Dagabaj Balma, Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chadaibo, Dangal, Dharti Maiya are some of those gems.

With passing time Bhojpuri music started losing its true identity. one has to admit that vulgarity has sneak into modern bhojpri music, though some new generation artists like Manoj Tiwary, Dinesh Lal Nirahua, Vyash, Kalpana, Pawan Singh are trying to bring out the lost glory.

Lifestyle of Bihar
Lifestyle of Bihar

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