Patna Leads US Research on Quantum Technology

Patna leads US research on quantum technology and the man behind it is, Saikat Guha. We will tell you about them and quantum technology, let’s continue.

It is matter of pride that a man from Bihar leads US research team. He is leader of research team of scientists which mission is to build what Einsteine had written as science fiction.

Saikat Guha, resident of Patna, has appointed the director of center for quantum network (CQN) in the supervision of university of Arizona. Mission of Saikat Guha and his team are to build Internet Of Future that works on theory of quantum and it’s mechanical properties. At present computer based system works on o’s and 1’s.

Background of Saikat Guha

Saikat Guha is son Of SN Guha. His father is vice Chancellor of Aryabhatt University based at Patna. He completed his 12th from St. Michael School and B.Tec from IIT Khadagpur and he moved to US for further education and career.

Saikat Guha Quantum Computing

What is Quantum Technology

Since the 1960’s, the power of our brain and machines has kept growing exponentially resulting computer to get smaller and more powerful. But the process of getting smaller is about to met its physical limit and computer parts are approaching the size of an atom.

Computer is made of chips contain modules, which contain logic gates, which contain transistors that is simplest form of data processor. basically a switch can either open or block the way of information coming through. this information of on and off made up of bits which can be set to either 0 or 1.

Combinations of bits represent more complex information. Transistors are arranged in way that it creates logic gates which after so many advancement still do very simple stuff.

In normal computers, bits are smallest unit of information but in quantum computers qubits are smallest unit which can be set to either of two value. it can be in any proportion of both values at once, called superposition. when qubits in superposition you can not predict which value it carry but when your measure it converts to definite state.

Scientist are trying to build quantum computers using these qubits unusual properties that may be game-changer.

Real World Use of Quantum Computing

Use of quantum computing in IT Security is most famous, right now, your browsing, email, and banking data is being kept secure by an encryption system in which you give everyone a public key to encode messages only you can decode.

The problem is that this public key can actually be used to calculate your secret private key.  doing the necessary math on any normal computer would literally take years of trial and error. But a quantum computer with exponential speed-up could do it in a seconds.

Simulation in Quantum Computing

Simulations is another exciting use of quantum computing, Simulations of the quantum world are very intense on resources and even for bigger structures, such as molecules, they often lack accuracy.

So why not simulate quantum physics with actual quantum physics?

Quantum simulations could provide new insights on proteins that might revolutionize medicine.Right now, we don’t know if quantum computers will be just a specialized tool or a big revolution for humanity

Quantum Technology from Saikat Guha

Times Of India has interviewed Saikat Guha, he said recently less then a year ago quantum computer perform certain calculations that are no longer possible even for today’s supercomputers. hackers can easily crack now days systems but it will be impossible for them to get into it because of enhanced level of security.

Bihar has always been leading and showing path to world either being it Lord Buddha Or Lord Mahavira and many other factor you can read.

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