Home For Homeless Folk

Home For Homeless Folk, is it a topic worth discussing? Ever noticed homeless people struggling roadside? Next time you go outside or on any trip, please try to understand the pain of those homeless people.

Homeless folk sleeping in the street and families with no home doing their daily routine in the open sky and never care about the famous term privacy. People create boundaries in society so that their privacy enjoy private space

How we describe homelessness 

Homeless folk is living on the street and moving between temporary stay, but in my opinion, living in a home that is below the minimum standard and lacks secure tenure is also homeless.

We are staying in the city and living in rented apartments is also a type of homelessness. So we live in a rented property and one living on the roadside both are in the same group. So I am homeless and the desire for a home for the homeless is obvious….Let’s Continue…

Poverty makes people constrained, the situation one never saw forces to see. Poverty changes circumstance of circumstances. it creates a situation in which I/we are compelled to be helpless. Our tendency is to first see and then ignore and we also ignore those helpless and homeless citizens.

Homeless in Bihar

Those folks are really very strong because living in the open sky and roadside is really really a sad situation. you read in the newspaper and watch on television that the problem of homeless is spread on a high scale.

Home for Everyone drive is going on but still, you and I witness many homeless people on the roadside and realize Home for everyone must be there. some of us ignore them too.

क्या रोना क्या धोना
उसी फुटपाथ पे है सोना
दो वक्त की रोटी मिले तो खाना
वरना खाली पेट है सोना।
अजीब सी लाचारी बताता हूं
गरीबी की दास्तां…….

Preetam Kashyap from Amar Ujala Kavya

Documentation on Homeless Folk

Documentation of homeless folk is a very difficult process because it requires counting of homeless folk and counting of the homeless population is extremely difficult because of these reasons.

  • Lack of clear definition of homelessness
  • Mobility of the population
  • Cyclical Nature of Homelessness
  • They are reluctant to be interviewed
  • They remain invisible even to the most diligent researcher
  • There is no uniform method of counting the homeless
census of homeless folk in bihar

Census Of Govt For Homeless 2011

The government of India has done a census of homeless households in 2011. The total number of homeless households in India is 1.77 million for which 0.83 Lac folk are from rural areas and 0.93 Lac are from urban areas. If we talk about Bihar then the total number of homeless folks is 45584 of which 32993 are from rural areas and 12591 are from urban areas.

Some informative books on homeless folk I found on Amazon is sharing, you can get some in-depth idea.

Whenever you go or wherever you travel always keep your eye open and try to understand the homeless folk lifestyle. sometimes when you try to speak with them they might react in a violent manner.

Poverty, struggle, and the reality of life have changed their behavior. those folks need the help of society and the government. it is difficult for a single man to help them out so urge our government and society to help them out.

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