Bihar’s Golden Age and Chakraborty Emperor Ashoka the Great

When Bakhtiyar Khilji was doing the cruel act of burning down Nalanda University and its 9-storey library.

In the same timeframe,In contrast to the institutional education in the period, the guru-shishya tradition reached its highest peak in the cottage. examples of this is Mithila, Janaka or Kevalaka, Gautam, Gargi, Maitri, Mandan Mishra and his wise wife Bharati.

Valmiki composed the original Ramayana in BIhar.

Like soil, religion and education you can find evidence of importance of fine politics in Bihar.

Bihar will always be proud of the fact that when world Monarchy was the only system known, at that time in Vaishali, The system was flourishing which was adopted by the world after 3000 years called democracy. The best arrangement was to obey.

Agam Kuan a ancient history
Agam Kuan, Ancient History of Bihar

The Buddha has called it The council of the gods, was not called without reason.

150 km away from Vaishali is Rajagriha, the first capital of India’s first kingdom, Magadha.

It was on the Kritkut mountain that Buddha had first opened the store of his knowledge for the life of the people

Right here, The first Buddhist fellowship took place.

In the soil of Magadha and Vaishali itself Buddha bones was incorporated, forever with the seed of Bahujan Hitaya Bahujan Sukhaya.

From the point of view of having the distinction of being the longest capital in the whole world, Rome comes first followed by Pataliputra.

Patali village, decorated with Patali flowers, was chosen by son of Ajatashatru, Udayan to make the new capital after Rajagriha, whose presiding deity was Patan Devi. After whom Patliputra is called Patna.

Sitting on the peak of political power and prosperity, the vision of a nation came true from this state itself.

Before that this subcontinent was divided into many Janapadas and many Mahajanapadas.

Acharya Chanakya had dreamed of a united Aryavarta i.e. Bharatvarsha in this divided subcontinent, he chose Chandragupta Maurya seeing his potential to become emperor.

Chandragupta was not of any royal family, it was the character of the soil which gave Chanakya the idea that only the son of the king cannot be the king.

This was the beginning of building an egalitarian society. The pair of Acharya Chanakya and Emperor Chandragupta says that to become a great king, it is very important to have the company of a great advisor, whether it is a guru or a minister.

This soil of Bihar does not allow selfishness and violent tendencies to flourish.

Grandson of Chandragupta Maurya Chand Ashoka ImperialistTrend , the boundaries of his empire extended to the eastern border of today’s Iran. He launched major military campaigns, but had a sudden change of heart after the bloodshed at Kalinga.

Under the influence of Buddhism Chand Ashoka, Became Dhamma Ashoka also known as religious Ashoka.

Instead of war-tone, Dhamma-tone started ringing in entire Magadha.

Instead of joining the boundaries of other states in his empire, Ashoka started the work of joining the hearts.

Instead of violence, he started giving the message of brotherhood and eventually Ashoka became the protector and nurturer of human religion.
History has not given the name of Ashoka the Great to this visionary ruler without any reason

What is surprising that the Government of India adopted the symbol of Ashoka's Chakra and four lions.

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