Bihar Flood and It’s Unknown Reality

Flood in Bihar has become like custom every year it arrive like un invited guest, Let’s explore the reality of flood in Bihar.

Bihar is in the grip of flood, does it make any news or you feel something terrible happened in State. Chances are very high that you comprehend it is normal affair. The year, we get conscious or when we get started to understand things around us. We always witnessed the dreadfulness of flood and witnessed not only for a year but repeatedly every year without fail.

In my understanding people of Bihar has become so mature with flood that enormity of flood now does not terrify so much. But matter of fact is that damage caused by unfortunate flood is huge and we all should understand the reality and root cause of this curse. Damage is not only of wealth, health, speed of development and economy but it costs us, the life.

If you see the media coverage of flood then you can notice that media coverage on flood has become monotonous. It seems, reporters are going through the challenges of covering flood with new angle. Who is responsible reporter or government, i think the government is responsible for which remedy of flood is limited to relief work and rescue operation. Water lever comes down and everything gets normal.

Cause Of Flood In Bihar

Many Renault scholar, professor and research team has spent years and even life to understand the cause of the flood in Bihar and come out with solution, also written numerous articles of root cause of flood. Government have all the information and research work readily available 24 * 7, nothing new to discover or left for research. Despite the availability of all research and solution, corrective measures have not been taken to cope with the flood of Bihar.

Coverage of Bihar flood has minimized to some photos ( photos of flood as well as photo of relief work) so that you can see that some house is submerged in water.  Reality is that 18 district of Bihar is suffering from the enormity of flood and hundreds of people have lost his life. This is government calculation. It is obvious that there is non governmental calculation also which tells different horrible story. We don’t know exactly how many people have died and how many corpses have flown with water. Floating of corpses in water is still continue and it is terrible.

Don’t know how many bridge and culvert(पुलिया) have drowned away. We don’t know how much millions of property have drove away. We don’t know how much material have drowned away from thousands of shops. In fact we all don’t know anything during flood except count of people died and relied work. So, we should assume that despite having all media coverage we couldn’t know the real picture of flood.

We all see the pictures but do not  feel the pain.

Bihar government has issued another data, according to this 1cr 26 lac people is affected from flood. 4 lac plus people have taken shelter in relief camp.

Government and journalist use word “affected” in several or all the time. “Affected” is not shows clear picture and it hides many facts. So always be careful from the word “Affected” during flood.

General Headlined of News During Flood

=> Chief minister has briefed the Prime Minister that corps has devastated and also houses have become ruined due to flood. Prime Minister has announced 100 crore package for research on river Brahamputra and its associates. <=

Don’t you see, this is the evasive attitude. All the research, all the article and all the solution is already available but our government still want to research but don’t want to take necessary steps to prevent the  dreadfulness of flood.

Farakka Barrage and Bihar Flood

During 1950 period when in Bangal construction of Farakka Barrage was in progress, an Engineer Kapil Bhattacharya had said that

Due to Farraka Barrage Malda & Murshidabad of Bengal with many part of Bihar will be submerged in water every year. Obstacle caused by Farraka Barage will slow down the flow of Ganga and silt flowing with water will jellify on bottom of Ganga. Due to jellifying of silt Ganga will start to become shallow(little depth) and area of flood will increase gradually.

An Engineer, Kapil Bhattacharya

Thickening of silt  in Ganga is major reason of flood in Bihar. Government should take necessary steps to clear the silt in ganga. We all hear many scheme is running by government to clear ganga but result is still so far. ‘Namami Gange’

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