Bihar – A Short Introduction

Bihar – A Short Introduction is a study of bihar in short, you will feel proud after reading whole story, let’s begin the journey.

Befor Starting the journey of Bihar – A Short Introduction, a Question to you is, can you guess what thread binds aryabhata’s discovery of 0 and PI to  valmiki’s ramayana or what is common between Kali dasa’s great work Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Devkinandan Khatri’s ChandraKanta and Vidyapati Thakur’s  epic poems, well all these great legends hail from the ancient land of Bihar.

Where did it all start, you may ask, the year is 321 BC, Indian Emperor Chandragupta Maurya under the guidance of the political genius Chanakya established the Mauryan dynasty in Magadha, Later Ashoka pushed the boundaries of Magadha into Persia and Central Asia, Afghanistan to present-day Bangladesh, from Assam to Kerala and Andhra Pradesh, and thus the first-ever dynasty of India and the biggest empire of  the world was established.

Ancient Bihar

Bihar derives its modern name from the baudhist monastery of magadha called Vihar. These monasteries were established when the great Gotham Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodhgaya. Bihar boasts of a rich spiritual and religious history. according to Hindu mythology ,Mata Sita the consort of lord rama was born here.  Jain Dharma’s last tirthankara Mahavira was born in kunda gram in modern Hajipur of Vaishali district. He is said to have attained enlightenment in PawaPuri.

There was a popular belief among people that a ruler who would lead the Sikh as a brave warrior was destined to be born  here and true to this belief a leader was born on the banks of the holy Ganges now Patna Sahib. This leader was Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth guru of the sikhs.

Protest against the Mughal rulers

In the journey of Bihar – A Short Introduction lets explore mugal era, during the Mughal era a young warrior from Sasaram in Bihar promised to chase away the Mughals from the indian boundaries.

The brave Shershah who got his name by cutting a lion into two halves in one stroke. Later chased away the Mughal emperor Humayun. modern-day custom duty, the Grand Trunk Road, the existing method of buying and selling land, the postal service, Rupiah currency all are given to us by the great shershah from Bihar.

Protests against the Britishers

Gandhiji’s world famous satyagraha movement evolved in the Champaran district of Bihar where India got freedom. Bihar gave the country its first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad, even the Ashoka Chakra, part of the national emblem comes from Bihar.

Bihar Struggle Post Independence

Story of Bihar – A Short Introduction is not complete withour discussion of post independence Bihar, after independence Loknayak Prakash Narayan through his sampoorna Kranthi challenged the biggest political party, the Congress. 1977 saw the formation of the first non Congress government in India. With 38 districts Bihar is surrounded by Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the north, west bengal to the east and Jharkhand to the south. the capital city of Patna was originally called Pataliputra.

 The Mahatma Gandhi setu joins Patna with North Bihar. Bihar has a diverse climate and thanks to, the Ganges River has a vast stretch of fertile plains. Hindi and Urdu are the official languages of this state. The majority of the people speak one of the Bihari languages, maithilies , angika, magadhi or Bhojpuri.  Bihar has produced a number of writers and scholars. prominent among them are Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Baba Nagarjuna,  Phanishwar Nath Renu and many others.

Political Negligence

Since the late 1970s, due to political negligence Bihar started losing its glory and lagged behind the other Indian states in social and economic development. floods worse in the situation according to available data sixteen point five percent of the total flood affected area in India is in Bihar.

Nepal opens the shutters of the Koshi Barrage pool to protect the Kosi River Dam, this causes water logging in the Gangetic Plains of Bihar which on an annual basis destroys thousands of human lives,  apart from livestock and assets worth millions, but despite all this the people of Bihar don’t allow these difficulties to bring their spirits down, it is entirely due to their invincible courage that today Bihar is one of the largest producers of vegetables.

Land of Bihar

Muzaffarpur is famous for its Shahi lychee education and lakh bangles, besides Bihar is also the third largest producer of pineapple and major producer of mango, banana, guava, sugarcane and jute. Bhagalpur is an important center for silk garments, Darbhanga is now known globally for the Mithila paintings.

Mithila painting is a unique style of Indian painting practiced in the Mithila, Darbhanga and the Madhubani regions of Bihar, in this style of painting powdered rice is coloured and then stuck to the mud balls of houses, it is said that Mithila paintings originated during the Ramayana when King Janak commissioned artists to paint during the marriage of his daughter Sita to Lord Ram.

The painting was traditionally done on the freshly plastered mud walls of huts but now it is also done on cloth handmade paper and canvas.

Bihar has many gems which need to discussed.

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